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I joined Tumblr on June 9, 2010. My name is Kenzie! TV: The Vampire Diaries, Skins, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Community, and Degrassi.
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Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. Sam, remember what Dad taught you… okay? And remember what I taught you. 

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He doesn’t even take the interviewer’s comment as a joke, he just goes straight into gentlemen mode and assures her she’s not the “most unattractive werewolf ever”. (x)

People actually dislike this guy. This perfect and literally unhateable guy, people dislike him. I don’t know how.

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@SophieT If I believe in it hard enough.. One day I will transform into an Olsen twin

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not a man for welcome parties, our prince.

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